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We are a group of citizens living in the unincorporated community of El Dorado Hills, California located in El Dorado County, east of Sacramento and west of Lake Tahoe in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. We united together to hold our County leaders and Board of Supervisors accountable for their lack of transparency in the governance of our community. We want transparency regarding any proposed development to ensure that we maintain our quality of life. We oppose irresponsible development that threatens our community’s health and safety.

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Our Fight - Project Frontier

Our fight is not against the project per se, but against the County administration, planning department and the Board of Supervisors. Why? – Because they consistently violate their own rules, codes and required environmental compliance to fast track any project that increases tax revenue; despite the known health and safety impacts to residents.

What is Project Frontier

Project Frontier is the name of a massive fulfillment center that is proposed to be constructed along Latrobe Road at the intersection of Royal Oaks Drive at the end of the El Dorado Hills Business Park. The proposed project will consist of two (2) buildings totaling 4.8 million square feet, making it the 3rd largest facility of its kind in North America! Larger than Boeing’s Everett, Washington plant by 500,000 square feet.

Key Facts & Things to Know

Your Packages

Your packages will not arrive faster with this facility! Fulfillment Centers are massive warehouses (in our case 4.8 million SF) where packages are loaded and unloaded and then transported by tractor trailers to an airport (likely Mather Airfield) for transfer to a sorting facility. From there they go to a delivery station. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Current Zoning

Project Frontier does not meet the current Zoning Code despite the County’s claims of being consistent with the General Plan. The current zoning for this parcel is Research and Development (R&D). R&D zoning is intended for high technology, non-polluting manufacturing plants, research and development facilities, corporate/industrial offices, and support service facilities in a rural or campus-like setting, such as a business park environment. Project Frontier fits none of those descriptions. One of the proposed buildings is more than 100’ tall. The county allowed maximum is 50’.

This project would be more correctly defined by the County’s Heavy Industrial (IH) zoning which is described in the Zoning Ordinance as a use that is “likely to generate significant levels of truck traffic, noise, pollution, vibration, dust, fumes, odors, …, or other undesirable conditions. Heavy industrial districts are unsuitable adjacent to residential districts”

This Project

The Project Frontier proposal is a truly massive fulfillment center including:

  • • 24/7/365 operations
  • • 207 acres of land
  • • Thousands of cars and vehicles going up and down Latrobe Road to Highway 50
  • • 155 tractor trailer loading docks
  • • 892 additional parking spots for semi-truck trailers
  • • 3,000 auto parking spots for workers
Proposed Site

The proposed site is surrounded by multiple residential neighborhoods and adjacent to a future High School on property immediately to the south of this project.

Traffic Impact

Existing traffic counts cited in the traffic impact study submitted by the developer to the County were done during the height of the COVID pandemic lockdown when traffic levels were generally lower. The number of vehicle trips that this facility will generate were estimated by the developer; not an established industry standard such as the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Trip Generation Manual. Latrobe Road is already heavily trafficked and there are concerns that the proposed project, at build out, will use up all remaining traffic capacity, likely resulting in gridlock.

Environmental Impact Report

The County is allowing the use of an outdated Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that was prepared for the Business Park in 1982. This EIR is over 40 years old!

Noise & Air Pollution

The impacts of additional noise and air pollution generated by this 24/365 project and the constant flow of diesel trucks have NOT BEEN RESEARCHED!

  • • The health and well-being of the residents currently living in home developments, retirement communities, convalescent homes and elementary schools in the surrounding area will be impacted.
  • • The communities in the area will have constant truck noise throughout the day and night.
  • • Consumer Reports reported on adverse health effects in Ontario California recently in this article

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